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Spacewalking astronauts check site of capsule leak

Spacewalking astronauts look for clues to a mysterious drilled hole in capsule at International Space Station

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Russian Cosmonauts Take Spacewalk to Check Site of Capsule Leak

Spacewalking astronauts ripped through thick insulation on a capsule docked to the International Space Station on Tuesday, looking for clues to a mysterious drilled hole that leaked precious cabin air four months ago.   The space station's crew patched the tiny hole in the Soyuz capsule last August, using epoxy and gauze. Russian space officials ...

Russian spacewalk to inspect Soyuz leak site

Two cosmonauts head out on a spacewalk to inspect a Soyuz ferry ship that experienced a small leak in August

Watch Russian cosmonauts spacewalk to check out hole in Soyuz capsule - CNET

The hole was the cause of a pressure leak over the summer.

Space station crew will inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts prepare to venture outside the International Space Station today to inspect ...

Space station crew inspect mysterious hole during spacewalk

Spacewalking astronauts sliced through thick insulation on a capsule docked to the International ...

Watch live: United Launch Alliance to launch spy satellite after 24-hour delay

United Launch Alliance is preparing once more to launch its Delta 4-Heavy rocket.

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Virgin Galactic brings space tourism within reach

Space travel isn't just for astronauts anymore. Virgin Galactic is poised to change everything.        

WATCH: Astronaut Nick Hague is 'ready to go' again after failed launch to space station

The rocket carrying Hague and another astronaut failed less than two minutes after lift-off for a mission to dock at the International Space Station.

Watch live: Delta 4-Heavy rocket to launch spy satellite from California

The eight-hour countdown for the latest United Launch Alliance's Delta 4-Heavy satellite launch is underway.

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SpaceX botched booster landing, but Christmas dinner made it to ISS

SpaceX's successful Falcon 9 rocket launch proved to be quite a spectacle for viewers and was considered a success despite the lost ...

Astronaut Nick Hague describes "utter disappointment" during failed rocket launch

For the first time, both astronaut Nick Hague and his wife, Catie, are sharing dramatic details about a failed rocket launch in October. Hauge was in a Soyuz rocket headed for the International Space Station when a violent booster failure forced ...

Astronaut describes "violent shaking" during failed Soyuz rocket launch

In February, NASA will give Nick Hague a second shot at the International Space Station

SpaceX rocket makes wet crash landing

A Falcon 9 rocket attempting to land ended up in the ocean when it encountered a technical issue after a successful mission into orbit.

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Delta IV rocket launch livestream

United Launch Alliance will use a Delta IV Heavy rocket to launch the NROL-71 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.        

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Falcon 9 misses landing after latest SpaceX mission to the ISS (update)

SpaceX has made sure it's got its money's worth out of the Falcon 9. On Wednesday, the rocket successfully launched for a resupply ...

SpaceX sends Dragon to ISS but Falcon 9 rocket misses landing pad - CNET

A Falcon 9 rocket didn't come down quite where it was supposed to after propelling a Dragon spacecraft toward the International Space Station.

SpaceX launches cargo ship, but booster landing fails

SpaceX launched its second Falcon 9 rocket in two days, this one to the International Space Station

Watch SpaceX's rocket land in the ocean after spinning off target

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared video of the company's rocket booster splashing down just off the Florida coast on Wednesday after missing its intended target.

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SpaceX Launches Rocket Carrying Christmas Turkey and Fruitcake to the ISS

'What a great day for a launch,' said Kennedy Space Center director Bob Cabana

SpaceX launches space station cargo ship

SpaceX launches its second Falcon 9 rocket in two days, this one to the International Space Station

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket misses barge, makes water landing

In the first stage of its launch on Dec. 5, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket spun wildly on its way to a barge landing spot and was forced to make a water ...

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SpaceX’s rocket crash lands in water after spinning wildly

In the first stage of its launch on Dec. 5, a SpaceX rocket booster spun wildly on its way back to Earth. The booster landed in the water.

SpaceX and Boeing competing to capture the American flag in space

A new space race is brewing in corporate America. SpaceX is scheduled to launch its 16th cargo supply mission to the International Space Station ...

SpaceX launch to ISS delayed by moldy mouse food - CNET

A Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft is scheduled to bring all sorts of science and supplies to orbit on Wednesday.

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SpaceX launches biggest U.S. 'rideshare' mission with 64 satellites

(This story corrects to delete incorrect information that rocket carried a University of Illinois satellite)

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Space worms may help get astronauts to Mars

When SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket blasts off for the International Space Station, it will be carrying thousands of wriggling, slimy worms in plastic bags.        

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