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Fox News /
450 Amazon employees protest facial recognition software being sold to police

A group of 450 Amazon employees has signed a letter protesting the company's decision to sell its facial recognition software to police with one choosing to publish an anonymous op-ed explaining their concerns. 

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In Virginia House Race, Anonymous Attack Ads Pop Up on Facebook

The ads, with language and imagery not typically found in even the roughest campaigns, were purchased by a critic of Jennifer Wexton, a Democrat trying to unseat the Republican incumbent.

Political ad buyers are exploiting a Facebook loophole to disguise where their money is coming from

Facebook launched a political ad archive earlier this year to promote transparency around ad funding. Some have still found ways to remain relatively ...

Engadget /
Facebook’s political ad system still allows anonymous advertising

In May, Facebook began requiring political ads in the US to disclose who paid for them and those purchasing political ads to verify their ...

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Fact Check: Did Senator Menendez Hire Underage Prostitutes?

The most recent ad from Bob Hugin, Robert Menendez’s Republican rival in the New Jersey race, focuses on unproven allegations by an anonymous tipster.

In the future, not even your DNA will be sacred - CNET

Commentary: Even if you haven't shared your DNA with a genealogy website, chances are you're identifiable now. (Spoiler: Your third cousin sold you ...

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As Harvard’s admissions policy goes on trial, alleged victims of racial bias remain anonymous

A lawsuit claims the university discriminates against Asian Americans. Harvard denies that.

USA Today /
Police: 11 infant bodies found in ceiling of former funeral home

The remains were found at Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit after investigators received an anonymous letter explaining how to find the bodies.        

Reuters /
Bodies of 11 babies found hidden in former funeral home in Detroit: police

The bodies of 11 babies were found hidden at a former funeral home in Detroit on Friday after authorities received an anonymous letter leading them to the remains, police said.

Washinton Post /
Inside an abandoned Detroit funeral home: A hidden compartment, a casket — and 11 dead infants

The funeral home had been closed since April. On Friday, an anonymous letter led inspectors to a compartment hidden in the ceiling.

Washinton Post /
Inside an abandoned funeral home: A hidden compartment, a casket — and 11 dead infants

The funeral home had been closed since April. On Friday, an anonymous letter led inspectors to a compartment hidden in the ceiling.

DuckDuckGo hits 30M daily searches as more people flock toward privacy - CNET

The anonymous search engine grows as people are more and more concerned about online privacy.

NY Times /
Most White Americans’ DNA Can Be Identified Through Genealogy Databases

A study found that it will soon be possible to identify the DNA of 90 percent of European Americans through cousins in genealogy databases.

DNA databases can now identify most Americans

"Genetic genealogy databases act like a GPS system for anonymous DNA,” one researcher said.

You might not be anonymous, thanks to genealogy databases

More than 60% of people with European ancestry can be identified by an anonymous DNA sample simply by using data from genealogy databases, a new ...

Time /
Banksy’s Insane Self-Shredding Painting Is Gone But the Memes Live Forever

Leave it to Banksy, master stunt artist, to not only get the world’s attention at an auction — but then make sure that his work is ...

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Even if you’ve never taken a DNA test, a distant relative’s could reveal your identity

Half of Americans of European descent could potentially be identified through genetic genealogy data.

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An anonymous novel imagines Ivana was trained by Russia to ensnare Trump

In the era of countless Trump exposés, do we really need a new “Primary Colors”?

'My stomach dropped': Half-sisters find each other through ancestry search

Two half-sisters got more than they bargained for when they signed up for an online genealogy test — they discovered each other.

Still Anonymous: White House hunt for op-ed author fades

The Sept. 5 publication of the op-ed rocked DC. The author, described as a senior administration official, wrote that insiders were trying to thwart ...

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'Going, Going, Gone...': Banksy Artwork Shreds Itself After Sale

Banksy, the anonymous British street artist famous for his political spoofs, pulled a £1 million prank on a buyer of one of his works.

Genetic genealogy, police work credited with solving 1998 murders of woman, daughter

Authorities in Missouri are thanking DNA technology and old-fashioned police work with identifying the suspect in a 1998 cold case murder of a woman ...

NY Times /
The Workologist: Can We Discuss Your Anonymous Feedback?

An annual employee survey is advertised as strictly confidential. But an incident suggests that this isn’t always true. How should an employee ...

White House hunt for anonymous op-ed author loses its luster

Weeks later, the author's identity is a mystery, as other news cycles have taken over

How genetic genealogy led to a DJ facing criminal homicide charges in '92 cold case

Raymond "DJ Freez" Rowe is charged with criminal homicide and expected to go to trial in May 2019 for the 1992 death of a Pennsylvania teacher.

The Wall Street Journal /
Cyberespionage Experts Want to Know Who's Exposing China's Hacking Army

The world’s cybersleuths are investigating a new mystery: Who is behind an anonymous effort to expose China’s hacker army? A group called Intrusion Truth has published online messages and blog posts about hacking campaigns.

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