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NY Times /
White House Memo: Painting Socialists as Villains, Trump Refreshes a Blueprint

Casting socialism as a threat could become the kind of rhetorical touchstone of President Trump’s re-election campaign that sounding the alarm about “criminal illegal aliens” was in 2016.

WATCH: New space discovery has astronomers buzzing

Newly-discovered repeating waves from deep space have led some experts to question whether aliens are out there.

NY Times /
Pretend It’s Aliens

A neat mental trick to understand the climate battle ahead.

Oumuamua may have been just a cloud of comet junk - CNET

Or else it could have come from aliens. (Please be aliens, please be aliens.)

Fox News /
Did ancient aliens and exploring Egyptians visit Australia 50,000 years ago?

Over the Australia-Day long weekend, the world was hammered with History Channel’s perspective of our Land Down Under.

Fox News /
Are UFO's real? Go inside Project Blue Book, the government's top-secret project about aliens

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have long inspired curiosity and speculation, but when did our fascination with UFOs really take off? A new ...

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