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Aliens might live within 33,000 light-years of Earth, but why haven't we found them?

While some studies claim humans are alone in the universe, a new study suggests that we have barely dipped our toes in the proverbial water when it comes to looking for intelligent life in space.

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SpaceX Satellite Launch Lights Up Night Sky, Social Media

When SpaceX launched a rocket carrying an Argentine Earth-observation satellite from California's Central Coast, both the night sky and social media lit up.   People as far away as San Francisco, Sacramento, Phoenix and Reno, Nevada, posted photos of the Falcon 9 rocket's launch and return on Sunday night. It was the first time SpaceX landed a ...

Intergalactic light beams could lead us to space aliens

The "Trillion Planet Survey" aims to search the sky for signs of light — and life.

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Alien laser beams? Student project scans sky for intelligent life

An ambitious, student-run hunt for intelligent aliens is underway.

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Here's why aliens will probably come in peace

Humans have been looking to the stars for millennia wondering if we're the only intelligent beings in the universe.

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Indians arrested for illegally entering U.S. nearly triples

The number of Indians arrested for illegally entering the United States has nearly tripled so far in 2018, making them one of the largest groups of ...

Is it aliens? More mysterious radio signals detected

Some think the “fast radio bursts” could be evidence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Why solar observatory's mysterious closure sparked talk of aliens

Out-of-this-world explanations got lots of traction when New Mexico facility suddenly shut down.

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