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DNC hustles to line up donors as 2020 pack starts to form

The committee gathered its top donors earlier than usual to make the pitch that it will need unprecedented funds to take on Trump.

Google CEO defends search giant in congressional hearing

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was in the hot seat Tuesday when he testified before Congress. He heard from Democrats upset over the spread of ...

Google CEO says "no plans to launch search in China"

Pichai also fielded questions on transparency, bias and accountability from a House panel

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How Paul Ryan is selling his food stamp loss

The compromise farm bill is stripped of every controversial proposal the House GOP wanted on food stamps.

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Trump’s man in Brussels slams ‘out of touch’ EU

‘The French are heavily involved … they are taking a very parochial view,’ says U.S. ambassador.

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Pelosi vs. Trump: ‘Don’t Characterize the Strength That I Bring,’ She Says

In the Oval Office, the likely new speaker takes on a president who is rarely challenged to his face in public, especially by a woman.

Fact check: Trump constructs false, misleading claims about his border 'wall'

Trump repeated one false claim — that the wall is already under construction — at least eight times in one day.

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Trump’s Judicial Nominees Take Heat but Largely Keep Marching Through Senate

Some have been deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association, and others have proved racially divisive, but that hasn’t necessarily stopped them from reaching the bench.

Pelosi brings up Trump 'manhood,' says meeting with him was like 'tinkle contest' with skunk

The Democratic minority leader, who is expected to become Speaker next month, made the comments after speaking with the president at the White House.

Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay nearly $300K in Trump's legal fees

In ordering Daniels to pay $293,052.33, the judge also said he found that the president's lawyers claimed too many hours of work.

Trump is relishing the prospect of owning a government shutdown. But Republicans aren't.

ANALYSIS: Some Republicans worry that the president's tactics to get his border wall built could hurt the party at the ballot box.

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Fact Check of the Day: Trump Makes Misleading Border Wall Claims Before and After Meeting With Democrats

The wall is the biggest sticking point between the president and Democrats. President Trump wants funding for it in spending bills that must pass to avert a government shutdown.

Roger Stone says he still has not been contacted by Mueller's team

Legal analyst Daniel Goldman said based on the witnesses interviewed there's no question the special counsel is investigating Stone.

Pelosi compares Trump to a skunk after Oval Office clash

The Democratic House leader and Sen. Chuck Schumer spared with the President in a bombastic White House meeting

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Senate Confirms Treasury Tax Law Architect as Deputy Secretary

Justin Muzinich, a former Wall Street banker, joins the top ranks of President Trump’s economic team.

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Possible Leak of Voter Data Adds to Concerns in Disputed North Carolina Election

Amid reports that officials had leaked absentee vote totals days before the election, the state G.O.P. chairman said that a new election may be ...

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Another Democrat gets a 2020 look: Andrew Gillum

The Florida Democrat got a standing ovation at a closed-door DNC meeting.

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Manafort may not contest Mueller’s lying charges

But a 30-minute hearing in the case Tuesday largely centered around scheduling matters and wasn't conclusive.

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Where John Kelly’s Departure Fits in the History of Turnover Among Top Presidential Advisers

Departure and disagreement have always been part of the history of the Cabinet

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