About Tricklar

Tricklar distinguishes the news from the noise and lets the words tell the story. Read, discover and investigate news in real time and its evolution. Get access to headline news across a variety of regions, countries and categories & unlock information to +9,000 stories per day. Customise your news perspective and only see the news that’s important to you.



Why should I use Tricklar?

Tricklar has something to offer for anyone that wants to be informed. Let’s face it, news is all around us, it’s often a case of news overload. The important question is how can I harness this information and stay in the know with the lease amount of effort? Tricklar has been designed with the user in mind. We cater for users that want to just read the headlines to users that want to delve into the news and add depth to a story. The decision has been left to you! the users.


Our Goal

Our goal at Tricklar is to provide the users with the tools to get informed ASAP. This result is achieved through the unique combination of features for users to READ, DISCOVER & INVESTIGATE news in real time and how a story has evolved over time. We have provided our users with a unique tool set which is both fun, intuitive, interactive and more importantly value adding for everyone.


When is news news?

Seems a simple question, doesn’t it? At Tricklar, we see the news as only noteworthy information regarding recent events; anything else is just noise…. To standardise this approach, we use a simple criteria to determine this:


      1. Timeframe
      2. Proximity
      3. Distinction
      4. Significance
      5. Human interest


What is usual in one region may be unusual in another and as a result the content of the news to vary from one region to another. Irrespective of the region, whatever is unusual is probably news. We understand that everyone is different and has different interests and perspectives of what they define as news and what information they want to see.  


These concepts really get to the heart of Tricklar’s purpose; information, perspectives and analysis. For example, New Zealand business news will vary substantially to United Stated business news. It’s really up to the users to decide which information and prospective they wish to see.


How does Tricklar work?

At Tricklar we understand a user’s definition on news varies based on a user’s perspective.  What’s newsworthy in America does not necessarily mean that it is newsworthy in Europe. As such, most users are only interested in localised news events. Tricklar strives to take the noise out of the news and allow users to only see the news important to them.


In today’s world, there is so much information around which can often be overwhelming. Not only is it frustrating and time consuming, but importantly it leaves a user uniformed. One of Tricklar’s goals is to take the noise out of the news and let the words tell the story.


The site uses a storyboard format to give an enhanced users experience that is clean, simple and intuitive.


What categories are covered?

Tricklar understands users have different priorities, perspectives and interests. It is for this reason, users has the functionality to choose from a number of different categories from a multiple of countries. This gives users access to a significant amount of information that can be tailored to suit the individual. Categories include:


How do I change my news location?

Tricklar uses auto-location technology to identify what news best suits your location. There may be circumstances in which you want to see news content from other regions i.e. United Kingdom politics news or United States business news. Simply change the country identifier at the top of any page and the ‘Category’ and ‘Discovery’ functions will be automatically updated.


What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual representation of word frequency and relevance for text data. In order to provide more valuable results the word cloud algorithm excludes, combines and scales text in order to provide a result that is both valuable and aesthetically pleasing.


Why use word clouds?

Since humans tend to think in associated concepts and models; we are more inclined to understand something if the concepts are provided straight away. Word clouds have the ability to add depth and relevance to an event and begin to provide you with thought provoking ideas immediately.


What is an interactive word cloud?

An interactive word cloud allows users to investigate keyword developments, and delve into the detail associated with an event and trace movements back to the most relevant articles through keyword analysis.


Why is keyword analysis important?

By giving users access to keyword analysis tools, a user can quickly navigation through relevant articles, track popularity, view source coverage and find associated words. It’s really about finding the most relevant articles that are important to you fast and create new search paths that you would not traditionally find.   


How can I discover news?

Discovery is a powerful tool which enables users to track category based key developments, popularity, sources and statistics over time. The most important subjects are highlighted dynamically and gain a perspective of how the news is evolving and portrayed.


This is constantly being updated and will change as the news does enabling users to easily track trends and events as they happen. Within seconds, a user can be brought up to speed with recent news category events with Tricklar’s unique visual representation tools. This means the users can get a sense of the current news environment instantly and spend more time reading the stories that really matters.


How often is the site updated?

Content on the site is dynamic, and changes as the news happen. This format allows users to keep up to date with the latest news and keep abreast of emerging trends in real time. 


How can I customise my own news page and only receive the stories that are important to me?

Tricklar aggregates the most relevant news stories for you from a multiple of regions and categories. Now it is time to for you to shape your perspective of the news and view the new that is important to you. Simply add a filter to your account and the site will do the rest. There are three types of filters; Location, Category & Keywords so you can be creative as you like. There are a multitude of combinations that are only limited by your imagination.


What are featured articles?

Featured articles are the most important stories that are having a high impact on that news categories throughout the day. If users want news quickly, these are the stories that should be seen.


How can I search for a keyword?

There are a methods to search for keywords including, top words, evolutionary word cloud, associated words or search directly for keywords. There are really two types of users, ones that know what they want and those that don’t. We give both the tools to find what you are looking for.


Why should I look at an evolution of a story?

News by definition is perishable, so as news gets older it has less value. What the evolution word cloud allow users to visualise news progression over time and immediately isolate points of interest, key themes, popularity and emerging trends. In essence, a user’s paradigm shifts from not just What happened? but How has the story developed? and How is a story being portrayed?


How does this site differ from other new aggregation sites?

If it appears on Tricklar it will be newsworthy. We only aggregate high quality sources that have a solid reputation and high quality content. In our view, it’s all about getting informed and try to give the user a balance opinion of current events from a variety of sources. For us, it’s not just about collating stories, it’s about adding value and depth to a story through discovery and investigation. Tricklar prides itself from removing the news from the noise and provides the tools for the user to understand how the news is evolving.


The site has been designed with the users in mind with fun, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. We go beyond the traditional aggregation sites and provide users the ability to discover, investigate and customise content ensuring value is always added to the user’s experience.  


How can I set up my own personalised page?

All you have to do is register or login to enable this feature. Once you have logged on, you can add and apply filters anyway you like. This is a really powerful feature and allows the users to be as generic or as specific as you like. You can add or remove filters at any time with ease an you can be as creative as you like. Take hold of the news and make it your own.


Tricklar’s Blog

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