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Activists plan to continue #demonstrations against Trump

Activists plan to continue #demonstrations against Trump into the midterms, while in Vegas #activists are meeting to shape their #political strategy in 2018

It’s not about being able to project military power; it’s about having public opinion on your side!” Finally, the huge increases in budget demanded by the NDS worried political analyst Charles Ortel.And I think this should disabuse anyone of any notion that the Trump presidency would mark any kind of change in US foreign policy.” Wight said that Washington was responding to the weapons capabilities of Russia and China, which have seen significant developments in the past few years.“As a taxpayer, a concerned citizen and a numbers person, I look at the number $562 billion in spending – and that’s the public number, we don’t know how much additional money may be off the books – that is an enormous amount of money for a nation as small as ours in terms of people.“He’s saying basically that the war on terrorism is no longer a great concern in the United States… Not only should it be a concern for the United States, but most of our allies and countries around the world.” Rather than spending money on rebuilding government institutions and fighting genocidal terrorism in countries like Syria and Iraq, Breedon said that it looked like the US government was only interested in brighter, shinier bombs.“This shows a lack of understanding of the foreign structure that many people in the US government have, including General Mattis, and of what’s going on and the threats to the world,” Breedon told RT.

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