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Tricklar Word Cloud Generator

What is a word cloud?

A word cloud is a visual representation of word frequency and relevance that provides a result that can be fun, informative and visually engaging. Word clouds have the ability to add depth and relevance to an event or subject and begin to provide you with insights and thought provoking ideas immediately. Since humans tend to think in associated concepts and models, we are more prone to understand something if the concepts are provided directly. Word clouds are a fun and engaging medium that lets the words tell the story.

How does the Cloud Generator work?

Tricklar’s cloud generator takes a different approach to other word cloud web services whereby the data is provided for the user from top tier media houses ensuring a true representation of the news being received. This data can be utilised in a variety of different ways by customising the material being represented through time, country, words and categories giving a results reflective for the sources of that time.

Tricklar takes the intuitive traits of a word cloud and combines them with a current news database to give users the ability to play with the news in an informative and interactive manner. The diagram below illustrates Tricklar’s cloud generator process to source, filter and generate relevant word clouds based on a defined timeframe.


Tricklar Word Cloud Generator

What makes Tricklar’s Cloud Generator unique?

Tricklar’s cloud generator uses high quality media sources from around the world to form the basis of all word clouds. As such, there is no requirement for the user to input any information into the cloud generator tool. Simply select time, location and topic to generate the cloud. Choose your country perspective to show the most relevant results to you. 

The most distinctive element of Tricklar’s cloud generator is its ability to add a fourth dimension, time to the word cloud. This open the user up to a raft of possibilities including trends, momentum, sentiment, media view points, points of interests and the evolution of a story. Gain an insight into the words surrounding a topic or category at a moment in time to quickly ascertain the main points of interest regarding a story. News is dynamic, hence by breaking the news into timeframes, adds significant depth to a story and its evolution over time.

Choose between a generic category overview or keyword analysis in order to refine the results for the desired outputs. Customise the font, colour and shape of the word cloud through the cloud appearance menu to get a product that is suitable for the user’s needs. There is no need for an email or registration in order to gain access to the news database to generate a cloud. Simply run the cloud generator and update the clouds appearance to suit the individual’s needs.

Tricklar Word Cloud Generator

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