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Victoria set to reject “flawed” Gonski 2.0

Good morning, early birds. Victoria won't sign up to the government's "flawed" Gonski 2.0 school funding plan, the ACCC calls for a regulatory body to check online giants like Google and Facebook, and a coalition of "oil allies" move to weaken UN consensus on climate change. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods. The post Victoria set ...

A 'wind-lover's playground' — WA's Mid West hopes to become a sports tourism mecca

Western Australia's Mid West might be known better for its pink lakes and bright fields of yellow canola than its international sporting prowess, but one group is trying to change its reputation.

Our roads and rail may not be as bad as you think. But here's why we could still do better

Politicians love big road and rail projects. But are they always a good idea? In part four of The Future Fix, we examine the "congestion issue" and ...

Malaysia Airlines drops first class, rebranding it as Business Suites

EXCLUSIVE | Malaysia Airlines is exiting the first class market and will rebrand its Airbus A380 and A350 first class cabins as an upgraded version ...

'Mini-Merkel': new leader chosen to replace Germany's Angela Merkel

A 56-year-old Merkel acolyte won the vote to succeed the German leader, marking the first change of leadership in 18 years.

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ACT govt change-room overhaul scraps urinals to make female friendly

The Canberra Stadium change rooms will be retrofitted as part of a female-friendly initiative.

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Humans blazing similar path to cause of ancient mass extinction

Scientists think they've figured out what led to Earth's largest mass extinction and worry that human-caused climate change puts the planet on a similar path.

Crossbench MPs flex political muscle to pressure Government over refugee children

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, facing defeat on a bill to get more refugees off Manus Island and Nauru, vows any attempt to change asylum seeker policies will threaten Australia's national security.

Victorian Liberals choose leader as MP says Labor shouldn't have 'run against our women'

Michael O'Brien replaces Matthew Guy with a promise to change the Liberal Party, as one Liberal MP attacks Labor and the Greens for running against the party's female candidates ahead of the Coalition's election drubbing.

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Slogger's graveyard: Glut of white-ball cricket softens India for kill

Like men trying to change the tyres on a moving vehicle, India’s batsmen tried to relearn how to play Test cricket while playing a Test match.

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Mitchell, Ponting lead the way as Seven steps into Test broadcasting

It was a bright start for the new host broadcaster, but no amount of new faces could change the one constant of Test cricket.

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O'Rourke expects runners and winners to roll out in new year

The trainer with few city winners but much-envied Randwick stables expects things to change in the new year.

Conscience vote on abortion likely for SA Parliament

Supporters of South Australian abortion law reform hope a fresh bid for improved access will succeed as the major parties indicate they will allow their MPs a conscience vote on the issue.

Two forces are colliding to make this the end of Trump's presidency as we know it

Donald Trump started December in much the same way that he has behaved during every other month: with a storm of tweets. But to the relief of many Americans, a change may be on the way, writes Micheline Maynard.

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Whitby's Everest focus to change with introduction of Golden Eagle

Max Whitby will scout the English classic ranks for a horse that might be able to do The Everest-Golden Eagle double.

Why Mexico's new leader is getting rid of his $200m presidential jet

Newly-elected Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is beginning his term with grand gestures of change, including putting the ...

Britain can cancel Brexit: EU court adviser says

A top official at EU's highest court advised that Britain can change its mind about leaving the bloc, boosting hopes for Remainers that Brexit can be ...

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What You Need To Land Your Dream Job In 2019

At this end of the year, many of us are evaluating how the work year has passed, whether we're giving and getting all we can from our jobs and considering if the grass really is greener on the other side of the hill. If you're planning a job or career change in 2019, what are some the things you need to consider? ...

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'Significant sacrifices': Private school parents worry about high fees

A quarter of private school parents would be forced to change their child's school if fees went up more than expected, a survey has found.

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Civilisation may 'collapse' if climate change ignored: Attenborough

Famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough says human civilisation may collapse unless the world takes action to curb climate change.

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Morrison implements leadership spill guard

Good morning, early birds. Scott Morrison has announced changes to Liberal Party rules governing leadership spills, Victoria will launch a royal ...

Liberal MPs pass after-hours motion to change leadership spill rules

Scott Morrison summons Liberal Party MPs to an unscheduled meeting to pass changes that will make it harder to get rid ...

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Your 10-second guide to today's RBA interest rate decision

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will announce its final interest rate decision of 2018 later today. Like the 10 ...

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Denying climate change is evil

Climate denial is rooted in greed, opportunism and ego. Opposing action for those reasons is a sin.

The three hip-pocket issues that will decide the federal election

Scott Morrison has unofficially marked out the territorial lines over which he will argue voters will be worse off under a change of government. But forces far greater than government policy are driving events on each issue, writes Ian Verrender.

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Students don’t just have a right to protest, they have an obligation

Crikey readers respond to student protests, data encryption, climate change and the ABC. The post Students don’t just have a right to protest, they have an obligation appeared first on Crikey.

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AMP's incoming CEO is already working on a new strategy

AMP's new CEO, Francesco De Ferrari, started today. His immediate priority is to create a new strategy for the financial services giant. He says the royal commission has provided "impetus for ...

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