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'Safety lower than required': What the Opal Tower report actually says

The Opal Tower interim report, written by some of the state's most senior independent engineers after a more than two weeks of investigation, went some way in giving residents answers as to what went wrong.

'Australian nightmare': Residents vent as Opal Tower report released

Engineers engaged by the NSW Government say damaged beams need to be repaired and strengthened in the 34-storey Opal Tower, which was evacuated just before Christmas after a large crack was found.

Opal Tower has 'design, construction issues', engineers find

Some residents are concerned they'll be asked to move back into Sydney's Opal Tower apartment building, with engineers ...

More cracks found inside Sydney's Opal Tower

The engineering firm investigating the source of a large crack that developed in Sydney's Opal Tower just before ...

NSW Government vows to 'throw the book' at dodgy building certifiers after Opal Tower fiasco

Up to 30 per cent of certification work will be audited every year in NSW as part of a crackdown on dodgy operators ...

'Corners are being cut': Opal Tower drama triggers calls for apartment development inquiry

The crack in Sydney's Opal Tower — and subsequent evacuation — has sparked calls for an independent inquiry into the ...

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Tourism at steak as London's Beefeaters go on strike

The famous yeoman warders have been guarding the Tower of London since the 16th century.

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