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Today I Discovered The Origin Of The Word 'Nightmare'

The word 'nightmare' is instilled in us from a very young age - usually the first time a bad dream causes us to scream out for a parent or guardian. But have you ever wondered what a 'mare' actually is? More »     

Central Australia may have seen the world's worst rate of mammal extinction

Australians are spending far more money feeding their pet cats than fighting its faunal extinction crisis, which has already seen the arid heart of the nation undergo "arguably the greatest rate of mammal extinction in the world".

Discovery of genetic disease gives hope to patients without diagnosis

Australian and Japanese researchers have discovered a yet-to-be-named immunological disease, giving fresh hope to families living without a diagnosis.

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Ten Ways To Improve Your Motivation At Work [Infographic]

Even the busiest worker suffers from poor motivation every once in a while. Maybe it's been too long since your ...

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Today I Discovered Most Ginger Cats Are Male And All Calicos Are Female

Domestic cats may have not been bred to such aesthetic extremes as all the different breeds of dogs out there, but ...

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Extending the shelf life of the school library in the internet age

The once-buzzing heart of every school is being starved of funding and often run by unqualified staff. Some new schools are even being built without ...

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Today I Discovered Fanta Was Invented In Nazi Germany

There are few people who haven't heard of Fanta. It's one of the world's most popular soft drinks and a beloved staple at kids' birthday parties. Despite its huge brand recognition, few people realise the product ...

'A great signal': Thousands rally in Berlin against racism and discrimination

A wide range of groups including pro-refugee, gay rights and Muslim organisations join the "Indivisible" protest in the heart of the German capital under the slogan "solidarity instead of exclusion — for an open and free society".

How much would you pay for a (moon) rock?

A moon rock discovered on Earth could fetch about $US500,000 ($706,800) when it goes on auction online next week.

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Today I Discovered Why Heart Rate Trackers Think Toilet Paper Is Alive

People in China have been putting the heart-rate tracking Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on rolls of toilet paper and coming up ...

Foreign aid workers told to leave Indonesia quake zone

"We appreciate the kind heart and solidarity," a letter from Indonesian authorities begins, before saying foreign NGO's ...

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Fresh Chinese spy fears as new evidence of hacked Super Micro hardware found in US telecom

Security expert for major US telco reveals he discovered manipulated hardware from Super Micro Computer in its network in August.

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The new book by an IPA fellow that is head-scratchingly nuanced

Matthew Lesh's heavily researched theory on socio-economic divides would give Andrew Bolt a heart attack. The post The new book by an IPA fellow that is head-scratchingly nuanced appeared first on Crikey.

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Today I Discovered: Steve Wozniak Faked His Name For His College Graduation

Best known as one of Apple's three co-founders (Ronald Wayne left the company in the early days before they made it big), Steve Wozniak, AKA Woz, is a sought after public speaker and is still heavily involved in the tech industry. And while he''s done all sorts of interesting things like spending almost a decade ...

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I Interviewed Jodie Whittaker About Doctor Who, But Can't Share It With You

I have a confession to make. I recently had the privelege of interviewing Jodie Whittaker about being the new Doctor. It was wonderful. She was wonderful. And I wish I could share every word with you - it was for ...

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'Game-changing' study finds DNA patterns that raise heart attack risk

Scientists are a big step closer to creating a fast, affordable DNA test to predict your risk of heart attack.

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Today I Discovered The Tree That Legally Owns Its Own Land

If you, like me, are one of the third of all Australians who don't own their own property, try not to get too ...

Heart attacks, depression and even miscarriage: Daylight saving can affect your health

Changing the clock causes a temporary state of misalignment in our internal biological time — so go easy on your kids and colleagues, writes Oliver Rawashdeh.

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This food is absurdly good for you, so go nuts!

Reduced risk of stroke. Reduced risk of cancer. Reduced risk of heart disease. Maybe even reduced ‘all-cause mortality’.

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Today I Discovered KFC Australia's Disastrous 'Healthy' Concept Store

In 2015, KFC Australia opened an 'upmarket' sit-down restaurant in Parramatta, NSW. Boasting an open kitchen and a hipster-friendly menu (red quinoa seeds, anyone?) it was envisioned as the first in a new chain of fancy KFC salad bars. Instead, it shut its doors within a year and hasn't been heard of ...

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Today I Discovered The Racist Origins Of The Pointy Witch Hat

Why do witches wear tall pointy hats? You've probably never questioned it through years of Harry Potter and Hocus ...

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[$$] Competitive bid situation may develop for SolGold

If there is one thing the world’s biggest mining companies can agree on it is that the copper market is headed for a big deficit over the next ...

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Tile Brings Replaceable Batteries To New Models

About a year ago, I reviewed a couple of Tile's latest trackers and, while I liked the products and the way they ...

Review: new 2018 Tile Mate, Tile Pro Bluetooth trackers

With a greater range, louder alarm and longer lifespan, the latest Tile Mate and Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker devices are designed to come to the ...

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Royal commission adds Howard, Costello to the banking hall of shame

The Hayne royal commission interim report is a missile fired at the neoliberal fantasy at the heart of financial services regulation in Australia. The post Royal commission adds Howard, Costello to the banking hall of shame appeared first on Crikey.

'Many have never seen a case': Fly-in NT doctors missing rheumatic heart disease, cardiologist warns

The Northern Territory is home to some of the highest known rates of rheumatic heart disease in the world, but clinics across the region are staffed by doctors from southern states who have never encountered the condition.

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Aid groups to Greece: action on island migrant camps 'far too late'

One toilet for every 72 people: "The sewage system is so overwhelmed that raw sewage has been known to reach the mattresses where children sleep."

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