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Today I Discovered The Origin Of The Word 'Nightmare'

The word 'nightmare' is instilled in us from a very young age - usually the first time a bad dream causes us to scream out for a parent or guardian. But have you ever wondered what a 'mare' actually is? More »     

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The suburbs in Australia's largest cities where almost no one sells their home

Turnover in Australia's property market is falling, reflecting the impact of the recent downturn in prices, ongoing affordability constraints in some areas, increased transaction costs as a result of higher land costs, as well as a tightening in lending standards. More »     

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10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning. 1. The Australian dollar finished mixed on Wednesday, losing ground against the greenback, Japanese ...

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BHP drills its way to oil future - The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial ReviewBHP drills its way to oil futureThe Australian Financial ReviewThe biggest gamble Andrew Mackenzie has taken through ...

Chinese cladding company chases millions more from hospital builder

After a $1.9 million win in court last week, a Chinese cladding company is seeking an additional $9 million from the ...

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BHP Billiton says it has seen no material impact from trade tensions

"We closely monitor the external environment, in particular the market volatility triggered by current global trade tensions. BHP reported an 8 ...

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BHP's iron ore production jumps 8 per cent on strong Chinese demand - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning HeraldBHP's iron ore production jumps 8 per cent on strong Chinese demandThe Sydney Morning HeraldBHP's iron ore output rose to 69 million tonnes during the three months ended September 30, compared with 64 million tonnes ...

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Could Strong Physical Demand Support Copper Miners?

Has Freeport-McMoran Stock Finally Bottomed Out? Copper prices, like other commodities (XME), are impacted by the underlying supply-demand dynamics in the medium to long term. Copper miners such as Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) have noted that despite the trade war tensions, Chinese copper demand has been resilient this year.

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Huawei Mate 20 X: Australian Price, Specs And Availability

In an era of leaks and constant rumours about new devices, Huawei managed to do something not many other manufacturers have managed - it released a product no-one anticipated. The Huawei Mate 20 X is the Chinese smartphone maker's latest phablet - a 7.2-inch portable computing powerhouse that gives those looking ...

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Taste Test: Super Duper Burgers

My name is Anthony and I'm a burgeraholic. Whenever I travel I make it a point to try out a burger place. As well ...

‘How can you call us monkeys?' Kenyans say Chinese bring racism

Before last year, Richard Ochieng', 26, could not recall experiencing racism firsthand. Then he started working for a Chinese company.

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Surging food prices just sent Chinese inflation to the highest level in months

Chinese CPI grew at the fastest annual pace since February this year in September, driven by a spike in food prices ahead of a week-long public holiday at the start of ...

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New iPhone Bug Gives Access To Photos On A Locked Phone

A bug has just been discovered in iOS 12 that allows anyone with physical access to your locked phone to enter your photo album and send photos to anyone in Apple Messages. Like other similar passcode bypasses, this one uses Siri to get through your phone's defenses. More »     

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Leading brokers name 3 ASX shares to sell today

Wesfarmers Ltd (ASX:WES) shares are one of three tipped as sells by leading brokers this week. Here's why...

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Today I Discovered Fanta Was Invented In Nazi Germany

There are few people who haven't heard of Fanta. It's one of the world's most popular soft drinks and a beloved staple at kids' birthday parties. Despite its huge brand recognition, few people realise the product ...

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Iron ore markets consolidate on recent gains

Iron ore spot markets consolidated upon recent gains to start the week with small movements recorded across the ...

Racist slurs hit Chinese Australian candidate as Greens row deepens

A Chinese-Australian candidate in Hobart's city council election is targeted by racist graffiti, as the Tasmanian ...

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Today I Discovered The Cosplay Costume Made From Rancid Peanut Butter

Cosplay is a pretty intense pursuit these days, with individual crafters making costumes to the same standards as entire Hollywood costume departments. Unsurprisingly, that wasn't always the case. In fact, one notorious costume back in the day was made from nothing more than pantyhose and two tubs of peanut butter ...

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Iron ore prices are still climbing

Iron ore spot prices continued to climb on Friday with the benchmark hitting the highest level since the middle of March. Steel futures continued to rebound, supported by temporary production cuts in a major Chinese steel-making city and a draw in Chinese steel ...

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Beijing will defend itself in US trade war, says Chinese ambassador

Chinese ambassador to the US says the international community has no idea who is calling the shots in the White House.

Scientists use gene editing to make mice with two mums

Chinese scientists have used gene editing and stem cell techniques to produce healthy mice with two mothers, which ...

A decades-coming bridge to unite Croatia is finally going to be built ... by China

With drills churning and its engineers arriving daily, a state-owned Chinese construction firm is finally going to complete a project Croatia has ...

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Why iron ore isn’t bending to the market crash

If the latest brutal market tumble is driven by fears of a hard landing for the Chinese economy, someone forget to tell the iron ore traders.

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Iron ore ignored the carnage seen in Chinese stocks

Iron ore spot and futures markets finished mixed on Thursday, ignoring the carnage seen in other asset classes. ...

How much would you pay for a (moon) rock?

A moon rock discovered on Earth could fetch about $US500,000 ($706,800) when it goes on auction online next week.

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Today I Discovered Why Heart Rate Trackers Think Toilet Paper Is Alive

People in China have been putting the heart-rate tracking Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on rolls of toilet paper and coming up with a puzzling result. the tracker found a beating heart in the plush roll. It's not only toilet paper that's supposedly come alive either, with social media users finding a pulse in everything from ...

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Top brokers name 3 ASX shares to sell today

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (ASX:CBA) shares are one of three that brokers have tipped as sells...

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