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What’s happening in Poland right now to fix climate change — and why you should be paying attention

Countries are setting the rules for the Paris agreement and struggling over how to do more to stop warming in its tracks.

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4,000-year-old game board carved into the Earth shows how Nomads had fun

A pattern of small holes cut into the floor of an ancient rock shelter in Azerbaijan shows that one of the world's most ancient board games was played there by nomadic herders around 4,000 years ago, according to an archaeologist who has investigated the find.

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Ultraprecise atomic clock network on the hunt for dark matter

Researchers are putting a global network of the most precise timekeepers ever made to the task of hunting for dark matter, the invisible and largely ...

Google Maps' For You recommendations come to iOS - CNET

Google's For You tab brings up places you may like based on the neighborhoods or interests you follow.

Alexa gets location-based routines and reminders - CNET

In its latest round of feature updates, Amazon invests Alexa with the power of location awareness, expanded timing controls and more.

NASA, SpaceX push back Crew Dragon test launch to ISS - CNET

We'll have to wait a few more days before Crew Dragon earns its space wings.

iPad Pro's potential becomes clear with this $99 HyperDrive USB-C hub - CNET

Exclusive: Sanho's six-port HyperDrive USB-C Hub shows that Apple made the right choice when it ditched the Lightning port.

Aquaman makes a splash in China - CNET

The movie has been a huge success since opening there Friday -- two weeks before it shows up in US theaters.

Toyota teases Gazoo Racing Supra Super GT racing concept - Roadshow

The new car is destined for Japan's Super GT race series.

These are the best Green Monday 2018 deals - CNET

There are some surprisingly good ones! Also: What the hell is Green Monday?

NASA Voyager 2 enters interstellar space after years of cosmic sightseeing - CNET

The probe joins Voyager 1 as only the second human-made object to escape the heliosphere.

McLaren 720S Spider is Britain's newest 212 mph convertible - Roadshow

If you've got the roof down, you can "only" do 202 mph.

Amazon reportedly fires workers in seller scam crackdown - CNET

The company was investigating reports about data leaks and bribes, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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NASA Voyager 2 enters interstellar space, could become 'the only trace of human civilization'

NASA has made history once again, as its Voyager space probe has entered interstellar space, only the second man-made object ever to do so.

HyperChiller instant-iced-coffee maker makes a great gift at $23 - CNET

Normally $30, this Cheapskate exclusive might be just the thing for the coffee lover in your life.

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SpaceX Dragon delivers cargo (and Christmas treats) to Space Station

A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship made a special delivery at the International Space Station Saturday (Dec.

Microsoft's rebuilt Edge likely to support Chrome extensions, may come to Xbox One - CNET

The browser's project manager reveals some details about compatibility.

Elon Musk says Navigate on Autopilot will expand to handle traffic lights - Roadshow

Musk wants Tesla's cars to handle a person's entire commute, soup to nuts.

Apple's HomePod is back to its Black Friday price of $250 at Target - CNET

That's $100 off the retail price you'd pay at the Apple Store.

See Sanho's HyperDrive USB-C Hub for iPad Pro - CNET

The six-port dock shows what USB-C can do for the iPad Pro -- and it works with ordinary laptops, too.

Tokyo prosecutors indict Carlos Ghosn and Nissan - Roadshow

Under Japanese law, a company can be charged for the misdeeds of its employees.

Apple faces ban on sale of older iPhones in China, Qualcomm says - CNET

Qualcomm says a Chinese court ruled that Apple is infringing on two of its patents.

Get 3 months of no-contract Mint Mobile cell service for free* - CNET

Actually, it's $20 up front, but you soon get that cash back in the form of, well, cash back! Your only cost is a few bucks in taxes and fees. Plus: ...

China pressures US, Canada ahead of Huawei hearing

China ups pressure on US, Canada for release of top Chinese technology executive

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Microsoft says unregulated facial recognition risks '1984'-like future

Microsoft is ratcheting up its call for government regulation of facial recognition technologies by warning that they could pave the way for a ...

Scientists unsure if there is an upper limit to snowflake size

As many children on the East Coast taste a snowflake for the first time this season, kids and parents may be curious about the fluffy crystals.

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Apple's $29 iPhone battery offer ends Dec. 31

This time last year, Apple was preparing to offer out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements for just $29 compared to the usual price of $79.

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Facebook's fall: From the friendliest face of tech to perceived enemy of democracy

In less than a decade Facebook has gone from the darling of Silicon Valley to the scourge of humanity, as the site once used simply to keep in touch with friends has emerged as a polarizing tool that can be politically weaponized amid concerns about ...

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