"These are tears of joy": Three missing from West Virginia mine found alive

Efforts are underway now to bring the individuals to the surface where they will be transported for medical treatment

Retirement out of reach for millions of Americans

Tom Coomer, 80, is just one of nearly 10 million Americans over 65 still working. He was working as a machinist when his plant closed down, just one ...

3 missing in West Virginia coal mine found alive

After days of searching, three people missing in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine have been found alive. A fourth person who entered the mine ...

Protesters crowd Michigan capitol over move to limit power of newly elected Democrats

There were loud protests in Michigan on Wednesday over what many say is a last-minute power grab by Republicans. They're accused off trying to limit ...

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Republican power grabs in Michigan, Wisconsin energize Midwest Democrats

Republican efforts to strip power away from the incoming Democratic governors of Michigan and Wisconsin are energizing liberal activists in the Midwest. Daniel Strauss, who covers campaigns for Politico, spoke to CBSN about how grassroots groups are ...

Nancy Pelosi set to become next House speaker after agreeing to 4-year term limit

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has all but ensured that she'll be elected House speaker in January by agreeing to limit how long she'd serve in the post to no more than four additional years.

Why millions of Americans are working past the age of 65

Workers like 80-year-old Tom Coomer are still in the workforce long past when they thought they would be enjoying retirement

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