The Melbourne creeks the EPA doesn't want you to swim or fish in

Victoria's environmental watchdog is warning Melbourne residents not to enter the waterways west of the city as it continues to investigate contamination from firefighting foam.

Prosthetic knees, feet 'talk to mobile phones': Invictus Games helps amputee soldiers move on

Modern prosthetics now give amputees the freedom of movement that was once only dreamt of, as Australia's veterans gear up to compete in the Invictus Games.

How Buddhism helped this cancer doctor care for his dying patients

Jonathan Page's relationships with his patients were once characterised by "coldness … and a lack of grieving". But a ...

Stem cells can help us 'build a human heart in a dish' — but what are they, really?

Researchers around the world have been working overtime to understand what stem cells are, how to control them, and — ...

Minister says she would back the random drug testing of NT parliamentarians

A Northern Territory minister says she would support alcohol and drug testing for parliamentarians as well as other ...

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Loneliness hurts more than our feelings — and it could be our next public health crisis

More than one in six of us report feeling lonely in any given year, and a staggering 1.5 million people have been lonely for a decade or more. And that brings health risks and even the chance of an earlier death, researchers say.

Sixth-generation farmer leaves industry after ongoing stress from dairy crisis

A Victorian dairy farmer whose family has been farming for 164 years walks away from his Gippsland farm because of ...

What happens when you give an octopus MDMA?

One animal started doing backflips, while others reached out to touch an object — or embrace another octopus. And the scientists conducting the study learned about the roots of social behaviour.

'Children are dying': Whistleblower warns Tasmania's youth mental health service is in crisis

Families in regional Tasmania are raising concerns about youth mental health services. One mother who lost her son to ...

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‘An American explains to a Russian …’: CIA declassifies Soviet-era jokes

Please enjoy the quiet, bone-dry irony of these Soviet-era jokes. The post ‘An American explains to a Russian …’: CIA declassifies Soviet-era jokes appeared first on Crikey.

Former Inpex employee had to take unpaid leave for abortion, alleges toxic workplace culture

A former employee of the Northern Territory's Inpex Ichthys LNG project speaks out against the company, saying mental health and safety concerns often came second to getting the job done.

Sydney aged care worker who slapped dementia patient avoids jail

An aged care worker who was captured on hidden camera slapping and hitting a dementia patient is sentenced to at least six months in home detention.

Childhood demand for sex reassignment treatment surges to record high

A growing number of teens like Korra are trying to live their "best life", driving a 200 per cent increase in the ...

School holidays are upon us, but it can still be a stressful time for kids

While older students look forward to the school holidays, many of their younger counterparts are more anxious and ...

Spirits that 'could cause injury if consumed' recalled from bottle shops

A company at the centre of an ABC investigation into the liquor industry recalls several of its spirit brands, warning ...

Charges laid after man accidentally drank poison from Coke bottle

Charges are laid against a volunteer groundskeeper and the Central Coast Council in NSW after a man with autism drinks ...

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